Tuesday , 21 August 2018
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After graduation from University, with a Welding Engineer diploma in hand, each one have different dream and plans. Some of us work as a sale engineer while other work as a welding supervisor/ inspector, even some guys go back their home town to open a wood factory to fabricate bed, cabinet, chair, etc.

Everyone has his own dreams, but not all of them can maintain and realize it. Due to the difficulty of the life, most of us have to work for the money right after graduation, it means that we just go to work for any owner, any sector as long as we can earn the highest monthly salary. We just forget what our true dreams are…we work harder and harder day after day with expectation to be promoted or increased salary…

Just quite a few of us decided to work for our own dreams, and we (such people who chosen welding as a business) have been facing a lot of troubles, we go through various problems like financing problems, customer finding, operation issues, etc. However, with each difficulty we met, one lesson we learn, one step further in our business… we fell-down, we stand-up again and again as many as we can’t remember…

So, you are the only person who decide your way, answer the question “WELDING…A JOB OR A BUSINESS?”. I chosen both, it is a job and a business as well… I have been working in the field of welding to get money, I use money earned to feed my dreams…

I always have some questions for my life… I keep on asking why other countries can produce welding consumables but we can’t. Why other countries can make welding equipments but we can’t? Why other countries can develop welding technology but we just follow? Etc.

In order to achieve success, I hope we can cooperate together to build WELDING DREAMS in Vietnam…I will share with you all my dreams in another post, share with you my plans to develop WELDING INDUSTRY in Vietnam…

Our old man often say “Một câu làm chẳng nên non, Ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao”!


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  1. Phạm Ngọc Thảo

    ACE có ai biết thông tin Nhà máy que hàn LILAMA còn hoạt động hay ko nhỉ?

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